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About Videography

Videography is the process of merging images and motion, or other form of an image composition and movement that combined and visually using digital audio. Videography has many types one of which is "Cinematic Documentary". The structure of a story should dramatic impression. "Cinematic Documentary" is intended to be enjoyed, not just seen.

Videography Services

Cinematic Documentary

A documentary video that is packed with story structure has a dramatic impression. Documentation which has one unified whole story so that the documentation was intended to be enjoyed , not just to be seen.

Pre - Wedding Video

A video that describes the journey of both the bride and groom that says a lot about them. With stories that raised and combined with the concepts and themes that appeal will make it very interesting video to be enjoyed during the wedding reception.

Digital invitation

An invitation in the form of digital video and is packed with interesting concept. This video was shown to invite friends / relatives / siblings are uploaded through the Internet. Usually the bride using web facilities invitation or social network to upload the video.

Company Profile

A video that describes or introduces the company's business units, corporate culture and facilities owned by a company with the aim of providing an overview of the development and growth of the company's business.

Video Clip

A visualized in the form of music videos that is packed with the latest concepts and adapted to the type of music, story, and the mood of the song, so that the blend contained in music and pictures can be enjoyed.