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About Photography

Photography is the process of taking an object to produce an image using light relief . To make the picture interesting and appropriate, as a basic principle, it takes the right technique between light intensity and composition of an object in the shooting.

Photography Services

Pre - Wedding Photo

Shape photo is intended as an introduction to both partners with the impression happiness in love and affection of both spouses so manifest that the couples who will get married this is a very happy couple. Pre - Wedding Photos usually taken some time before the wedding day and adjusted to the concept of the couple's marriage.

Event Documentary Photo

Shape photo perpetuate a precious event or moment . Moments that will be poured with the ideas and concepts that will make any attractive picture taken will have a more impressive meaning.

Product Photo

Photos are presenting a product / brand that is packaged as attractive as possible. With the photo attractively packaged products will enhance the marketability of the product, thereby generating considerable interest from the consumer to make the purchase of such products as the target consumers.

Photo booth

A photo session with a particular theme in a series of events taken and printed shortly after the photo session. With the photo booth at the event will be a series of variations reproduce the documentation contained in the event series.