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About Motion Graphics

Motion graphics is an amalgamation of images of photographs, illustrations, or other parts of artistic visual based on digital video images in a composition and design combined with musical instruments . The duration of this motion graphics as needed and the duration that is specified but usual maximum about 30-40 seconds. Exclusively at least 1-2 seconds flash bumper normalcy in live when sports programs such as football, badminton, boxing etc that played when the replay. Opening for bumper or station Id could be about 10-20 seconds.

Motion Graphics Services


The series of photos displayed alternately with the transition of interest, so that the photo can be enjoyed in one video.

2D Animation

Overall technique is done by using digital media. Starting from character creation, set the move "players" and the camera, giving voice, as well as special effect level.


The graphics are used as a complement to a video, usually located at the beginning or end of the video, and often follow the concepts and themes in the video.